The moxibustion accupuncture is an effective and convenient slimming method. The fine needles will be applied to the human body on multiple acupuncture points during the course of treatment so as to lose body fat and speed up weight loss by giving your health a boost.

The method is pretty good to tune up neuroendocrine system by reducing the intake of energy and encouraging energy dissipation. It also aims to stimulate various acupuncture points of meridian system on a human body and accelerate metabolic rate. Thus, it boosts fat metabolism to enhance colorization which helps consume the accumulation of body fat in order to achieve the slimming effects. The most crucial aim is to curb obesity.

The acupuncture and moxibustion for slimming is also considered as a slimming supportive therapy. It heightens the individual willpower to induce the appetite and the effectiveness of proper diet and adequate exercise which are greatly increased in the slimming process.

The two phases of treatment

1. Weight Loss Phase

The acupuncture and moxibustion treatment assists in weight loss exercise. With a proper diet and moderate exercise, one will experience an effective weight loss result.

2. Keeping Fit Phase

The objective of the treatment at this level is to maintain the positive result after losing weight and at the same time, curbs obesity from reoccurring during a normal diet.